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[Review of the event] Sixteen weeks two points: Michael Thomas breaks the record  
Saint 38-28 Titan  
This victory is critical to the saints that strive wholesale Denver Broncos jerseys for sale home strengths, and their performance can also make fans more confident.  
Michael Thomas also broke the most recent number of games today, and his 144th ball this year is very important. This ball happened in Section 4, Thomas almost reached, but finally sentenced to before the terminal area. However, this does not affect his two gears and kills into the end area, and completes yourself 145th. It is 10 points for the team to establish 10 points when the game is held in the game.  
Drew Brrees 38 passed the ball to complete 279 yards, reached 3 times. Running the Alvin Kamara 11 times a shock push 80 yards, reached 2 times. Michael Thomas 12 times, pushed 136 yards, reached once.  
Under the case of Deerrick Henry, Titan performance is good, but it is still unable to match the score of the saints. Ryan Tannehill passed the 272 yards, reached 3 times, but also killed five times. External Hand Thajie - Shajae Sharpe 5 times to advance 69 yards, reaching 2 times.  
Titan also still has an opportunity to enter the playoffs, but first they must defeat the Texas, and then look at other teams.  
Steel person 10-16 jet  
After the 16th week, the steel man needs to win the last two regular games to ensure the seasons, but now the opportunity is not in their own control.  
Pittsburgh's next half is unpredictable, and the jet hits 2 times in the gates, ensuring victory at the homeland. Whether the steel man won the crow, as long as Titan wins on the 17th week, they can't enter the playoffs.  
James Conner, MAURKICE PUNCEY and Siwu Mason Mason - Rudolph are in the middle of the injury. Deflin Hodges has been replaced second time. If Luo Dolph is too late, the steel man may need to find a substitute.  
The jet offensive group performance is actually only a powerful. Run Weidian - Le & Rsquo; Veon Bell 25 Chongqing promoted 72 yards, and completed 4 batches and advanced 21 yards. Before Sam Ficken, the last random shot, Bell contributed 23 yards. But the offensive group only promoted 259 yards this afternoon, there is still a place to improve.  
Crow 31-15 Brown  
Brown defeated the crow on the 4th week of regular season, but after the coming, the two teams went to the opposite direction.  
The crow did not lose, while Brown stabilized on the downhill. After this game, the crow locked the United States and the United States, and Brown was also officially eliminated the competition cheap jerseys for sale the seasons.  
Lamar Jackson 31 times completed 20 times, pushed 238 yards, reached 3 times. He also drove the ball 17 times, pushed 103 yards, this is the fifth single-game driver in his season, there is a hundred yards, the career is six times, and it can break Michael Vick. A record.  
At the first half, there is still 1:50, Brown is still 6-0 lead, but the near-end Mark Andrews has completed 39 yards, 14 yards to catch up, and the crow will come back.  
However, Baltimore also has bad news, running to Mark Indigram (Mark Ingram) in the lower half of the legs, there is no contact, and the legs left the stadium.  
Jigu 12-24 Falcon  
When I couldn't enter the playoffs, the Falcon played the style of the playoffs.  
This is almost similar to last year's trajectory. After 4-9 record, the Falcon Help 3 games, this year's Falcon 3-9 recorded 3 consecutive victories. In order to save the work of the main coach - Dan Quinn, the whole team has no effort.  
The American tiger did not make anything decent, Julio Jones was killed in the second line, completing 10 courses, and promoted 166 yards. Run Devonta Freeman has a ball with a ball.  
Si Duan Dadner - Ming Dynasty (Gardner minshew) today's soul, 31 passed only 13 times, advancement of 181 yards. He is very cautious and is not converted by the ball, but it also loses the opportunity to advance the number of quotes. Leonard Fournette's ground offensive also encountered stress, he was 15 times to advance the 71 yard.  
Black Leopard 6-38 Pony  
Since the injury is broken, the horses are gone in today, and the panther has ended the streak. But the black panther fans who are experiencing seven-losing streak don't know how to vent the heart.  
Although this is not better than last year, Andrew Luck has entered the playoffs, but the tips are in the case of injury, the Pony has tried to do its best.  
Abandoning the back attack on the Hyheim Hines, completed the 84-drawn kicks in the first quarter, and completed the 71-drawn kick and returned to the fourth quarter. It is the special group of the special group today. Star. The pressure of the offensive group was therefore a lot, Marlon Mack was 16 times, pushed 95 yards, reached once.  
Replacing the four-dimensional guard as if it is not a correct answer to the Black Panther solution, the new Xiuwell Grier is copied 3 times and is killed 5 times. Christian McAffrey pushes 119 yards 15 times, and push 54 yards in 13 times, but he is hard to reject the situation.  
Tiger 35-38 Dolphins  
The tiger finally ensured the position of the champion and the worst team, cheap nfl jerseys but they were also fighting in the end today, and they were killed by any kick when they were overtime.  
Today's two teams add up to four games before the game, the dolphins with better recordings should be easily wins. But Tiger Tiger has played a chicken blood today, and the dolphins were hard to fight, Jason Sanders, 37 yards, any ball shooting, helping Miami wins.  
Tiger's fourth quarter 35-12 behind, but it takes only 6:11 game time to obtain 23 points. First, CJ Uzomah 8 yards gathers, after Tayler Boyd 3 yards, Tayler Eifert completed two points, and the last 25 yards to catch up. Andy Dalton, his own twice, brought the game into the game.  
Dalton 56 times passed 33 times, advanced 396 yards, reached 4 times. Boyder completed 9 battles, pushed 128 yards, reached 2 times.  
Ryan Fitzpatrick 52 passed 31 times, pushed 419 yards, reached 4 times, was copied once. DVANTE PARKER 5th ball pushes 111 yards, reaching it once. Mike Gesicki completed 6 battles, advanced 82 yards, reached 2 times.  
Giants 41-35 red skin  
Giants and Hongdo's performance this year is not good, but they can also create tension atmosphere when they meet.  
In the last minute of the regular time, the Red Pondal array and complete the additional shot hierarchy score. The giant will kill the red skin half a field, but choose the ultra-long shooting of the Milly Mary, not Aldrick Rosas.  
After entering the overtime, the giant guess the winning, Saquon Barkley, the ground promotes 31 yards. The giant has been trying to try at the end of the terminal, and finally the quarter satellis Daniel Jones successfully connected to the close of Kaden Smith, 3 yards to help the giant wins.  
This is also the best game in Bakley this season. He drunk twice into 189 yards, reaching it once, while catching 4 times, pushing 90 yards, reaching it once. At the same time, Jones completed 5 passed forwards, the giant's hopes were pinned on these young people.



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